Loose Foils - Mermaid Splash

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Uh.. honestly we were about to call this "Mermaid Jizz" which would have been a thousand times more correct (and memorable and fun) but OK, we gave in, in the name of being a little bit more PC (cause that's what cosmetics brands should be right?). Whatever it is, this is just downright crazy awesome and beats all those uni-*corny shades by a mile. Don't let the pale shade scare you, it applies like a magical dream and transforms into a whacky violet-blue-gold shade on skin.

For Max Coverage : Use fingers to tap the Loose Foils directly onto eyelids, cheekbones and décolletage. Blend with a soft cruelty-free brush for a seamless finish.

Guess What, It's Multifunctional : Mix with your foundation, primer or moisturizer for a seahorse-worthy glow. Light up your lips by spreading it on top of your fave gloss.

100% Cruelty Free + Vegan